Welcome to the Roberto Cimetta Fund Blog

What is the Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF)?

The Roberto Cimetta Fund, is an international non-profit making organisation created in 1999 to respond rapidly and directly to individual artists and cultural managers wishing to travel in order to develop contemporary artistic cooperation projects in the Euro-Arab geographical zone and beyond. Our independent Fund has redistributed 1500 travel grants to individual artists and cultural operators in the South and the North for the last 15 years. Since 2014, RCF is also providing sustaining support grants for venues, platforms and networks in the Arab geographical zone exclusively.

The Board of Directors of the Fund, the Committee of experts and the staff have built up considerable expertise on the development of funding mechanisms and management of funding for the benefit of international cultural co-construction processes within the artistic community at large. RCF supports quality arts projects and relies on a Committee of 35 renowned professional experts that are fully engaged in the artistic scene in the Mediterranean region. These experts agree on artistic criteria for evaluation and selection and the methodology adopted aims for transparence, efficiency, impartiality and legitimacy.

This expertise is offered to local, regional, national and international governing bodies and private entities to implement well-planned strategies in international cultural relations that provide an enabling environment for artists and cultural operators, promoting a fair-trade attitude to culture, that entails stability and sustainability in the Euro-Arab geographical region and beyond.

Since 2010 RCF has established twelve mobility funding partnerships with institutions in seven countries (Germany, Croatia, France, Portugal, Italy, Iraq and Malta). Our current open calls for travel grants (4 sessions a year) and sustaining support grants (1 session a year) reach a database of 12000 contacts in 70 countries worldwide. Local artistic talents and cultural connectors are able to apply for international round-trip travel grants on different funding lines that match the destinations they have chosen as the most effective to enrich their art projects or for sustaining support grants. Grants are directly transferred to the grantees once travel has occurred and reports approved. The sustaining support grants are transferred in three instalments corresponding to the sustaining phases of the project. Our cost-effective scheme ensures that the main bulk of funding is transferred to artists, less than a third covering basic running costs of the Fund.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is a member of Culture Action Europe, of the Istikshaf platform for a regional policy agenda for mobility, of the French network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and of the working group Arts, Rights and Justice.

Since 2015 RCF has founded the Ibn Battûta Artistic Mobility Alliance with the Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia.

On this blog you will find reports of the different exchange platforms organized by the Roberto Cimetta Fund:

– The « Euro-Arab relations for local cultural development » seminar which took place on Friday 27th February 2015 at the Nord-Pas de Calais Europe Brussels office.

– the Meeting of the SEAAA Alliance (South Europe, Arab world, Asia and Australia) for Artistic Mobility funding on 30th & 31st March 2015 in Athens.

– the « Meeting of Independent Artistic and Cultural Mobility Funds in the Mediterranean and Central America » held on June 18th & 19th at The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal.

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